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Dr. Ivo Robotnik. This bad egg is trouble incarnate, always stirring up problems for the inhabitants of Mobius with his latest twisted schemes. The doctor has one of the Chaos Emeralds, and he thinks he knows the perfect way to get the other five emeralds back and keep that meddling hedgehog and his fox friend from interfering.

With a heart as black as his inhuman eyes, Dr. Robotnik is the tyrant ruler of all of Mobius! He uses his badnik robots to round up helpless folks and turn them into his slaves! The one thing he hates most of all is "that hedgehog"!


Until his unfortunate accident with the Amazing Transforming Machine, Dr. Ivo (Pronounced "ee-vo.") Robotnik isn't an evil scientist with an egg-shaped physique; he is Dr. Ovi Kintobor, a kind man of science with a svelte body and a finely-honed mind. For the past fifteen years, Kintobor labors in his underground lab, conducting experiments to improve life on Mobius and transfer evil into the Chaos Emeralds. For this purpose, he develops an ultra-radical invention, the Amazing Transforming Machine (ATM). But after all six Chaos Emeralds are zapped with the planet's evil, Kintobor discovers that they are highly unstable. And so he begins a search for a seventh, Gray Emerald, which will contain the evil in the Chaos Emeralds and neutralize it. He then plans to bury the emeralds deep within the frozen core of Mobius, where they will be rendered harmless for eternity.

Kintobor befriends Sonic, and boosts his speed by letting him train on a supersonic treadmill. He gives Sonic friction-reducing red sneakers, lets Sonic watch his experiments, and fills him in on his ambitious goal to banish all evil from the planet.

Before Kintobor can find the Gray Emerald and realize his plan, however, a wave of radiation hits the lab, causing the ATM to zap his character with part of the evil in the emeralds and at the same time mix up his molecules with a rotten egg. The ATM then blows up, its rings crashing through the roof of the lab and scattering over the surface of Mobius.

Now thoroughly and irrevocably evil, Robotnik declares he will rule Mobius, gradually mechanizing and controlling the planet. He places the Chaos Emeralds into orbit high above Mobius and plans to use them as a kind of evil satellite network to further enhance his power.

Sonic, who has witnessed Robotnik's transformation and knows some of his scientific secrets, is the only one who stands in Robotnik's way. Realizing this, Robotnik vows to destroy Sonic before Sonic can alert the planet to his schemes. Robotnik devises dastardly traps to destroy Sonic and places them all over Mobius. He also turns all of Sonic's friends into evil robots, programmed to destroy Sonic. And as an extra precaution, Robotnik cloaks the orbiting Chaos Emeralds in six separate Warps of Confusion -- also called Secret Zones -- thinking that this will prevent Sonic from gaining access to them.

Early YearsEdit

Kintobor's CV makes for impressive reading. Little is known about his family except that they were unremarkable in every sense and that he was adopted. The names of his surrogate parents aren't recorded, probably since his achievements rapidly overshadowed them.

At eighteen months, young Ovi was able to perform complex algebraic calculations and beat mainframe computers at 3-D chess. By the age of four he was holding lengthy discussions on subjects ranging from molecular structure to team selection and tactics for the World Speedball Championships. He also picked up five different languages - including Phoebian, Semmelweisian and Ursan - by dialling interplanetary videochat lines and clocking up a hefty bill in the process. He developed a habit of reciting lengthy passages of Dzonghan poetry leading his parents to believe he was mad. Instead, after extensive tests, he was judged to have an IQ of 268. Child psychologist suggested plenty of external stimuli and cutting back on the E1666 in his diet.

Apart from a minor incident which involved the scrambling of a neighbouring planet's starfighters after he hacked into their defence system, Kintobor enjoyed a trouble-free childhood. One excerpt from his school report suggested Kintobor "has outstanding ability" though it added "must try harder". Aged nine Kintobor patented his first invention, a molecular egg stain remover - the first sign of what was to become a major obsession later in life.

Robotnik went on to obtain every advanced scientific qualification possible from all eleven universities on Mobius.

At sixteen he enrolled at the University of Syraceus where he published a report questioning accepted theories of thermodynamic entropy. His tutor was subsequently dismissed and Kintobor instated as head of department, where, with a sizeable grant, he began research into advanced cybernetics. He left Syraceuse to set up his own research and development business from which he invented over a hundred devices - such as osmatic spectacles - now accepted as everyday eyewear all over the universe and electronically adjustable platform shoes.

When his business collapsed during the great Syraceusian slump Kintobor returned to Mobius declaring philanthropically that he intended to devote the rest of his life to the defeat of evil. He disappeared from sight refusing all interviews and was rumoured to be working on a major project - in fact nothing was heard from him for 15 years.

News of a terrible accident at his underground laboratory was confirmed by his transformation into Doctor Ivo Robotnik, an obese and utterly unpleasant egg-ocentric bent on the destruction of Mobius and Sonic.

Physical Characteristics, AbilitiesEdit

Once a trim, muscular hunk of a man, Robotnik is now a rotund, with a decidedly egg-shaped physique and a deceptively jolly face. In fact, he resembles a Humpty-Dumpty gone mad, with spindly arms and legs stuck onto an egg-shaped torso. He is bespectacled, bald, and nearly bulging out of his labcoat. Plus, he smells like... a rotten egg.

Because he is so round, Robotnik has trouble seeing his feet, walking long distance, and standing for long periods of time. He remedies this by building a spaceship, the Egg-O-Matic, which is perfectly molded to his form, and in which he can zip around the zones and launch attacks on Sonic. He also installs elevators in the lab so he won't have to climb its many stairs.

Mental AbilitiesEdit

Although he looks like an egg, Robotnik is definitely not cracked. Unfortunately, he still possesses nearly all of his formidable intellect, and now uses it for evil purposes.

Robotnik holds every advanced scientific credential possible from all eleven universities on Mobius, as well as the Mobius Prize in Physics and Biotechnology. Now evil, he plans to further augment his mental capacities by embedding a ceramic neural network in his brain to carry out physics calculations in his sleep.

Attitude, PersonalityEdit

Robotnik is a nasty, mean-spirited soul with no redeeming characteristics. He does not hesitate to destroy or control any creature who stands in the way of his plan to take over Mobius.

Likes, DislikesEdit

Robotnik has always adored, and still adores eggs -- hardboiled, scrambled, over easy, poached, or in an omelette. Now, he especially enjoys them raw, with a dash of tabasco. He eats with his hands, very slowly. It is not a pretty sight.

Robotnik dislikes any creature with an independent spirit; hence, he hates Sonic. Also, Robotnik realizes that Sonic knows many of his scientific secrets and is onto his plot to control Mobius.

Objectives in LifeEdit

After the accident, Robotnik comes to the sudden realization that understanding Nature isn't enough -- one must dominate, control, and contort it. And so his goal in life is to control and/or mechanize anything he comes across