Sonic the Hedgehog grew up with his forest friends in the Green Hill Zone of the
planet Mobius. Orphaned at an early age, Sonic fell in with a clan of rambunctious animal friends who taught him a variety of skills and tricks that you'll see him use in his video games today.

Johnny Lightfoot, a rabbit, showed Sonic how to outrun every creature in the forest, while Sally Acorn, a squirrel, taught Sonic how to jump incredible distances. A bluebird Flicky, influenced Sonic with his happy fearless approach to life: Joe Sushi, a walrus instructed Sonic on how to dive and swim, while a penguin, Tux, taught Sonic how to breathe underwater.

With the help of his many friends, Sonic developed cleverness, speed and a certain amount of "forest smarts."

Perhaps the most important lesson of all was from Chirps, a chicken, who inadvertently helped Sonic develop the Super Sonic Spin Attack. You see, as Chirps was learning to fly, he tumbled head over heels out of his nest. Sonic teased Chirps by imitating him as he tumbled. Soon Sonic had gathered so much speed from imitating Chirps' tumble that he became a blur of quills and fur.


In a feat that would forever change his life, Sonic found he had tunneled himself into
the laboratory of Dr. Ovi Kintobor, a brilliant scientist. Dr. Kintobor told Sonic how he
was trying to improve Mobius by ridding the planet of all evil.

Sonic listened as Kintobor explained how he planned to do this using his invention, the "Retro-Ortital Chaos Compressor" (or "ROCC" for short). The ROCC can attract and transfer evil from one object into another. Technically speaking, the ROCC consists of thousands of gold rings that constantly flow good karma around the machine's core as it transfers evil from one object into another. Dr. Kintobor found the perfect objects for the transfer: six dazzling emeralds, which he called "Chaos Emeralds."

Kintobor managed to pack most of the world's evil into the Emeralds, but found that once the Emeralds became evil, they were highly unstable and could "blow" at any moment. To make the Chaos Emeralds safe, Kintobor began to search for a seventh Gray Emerald which would neutralize their violent forces stabilizing the Chaos Emeralds.

Kintobor installed personal computers throughout the zones of Mobius so that anyone passing by could input information that might lead to the discovery of the Gray Emerald. He also had his ROCC ready to transfer the last bit of the world's evil into the Gray Emerald.


Meanwhile, Sonic and Kintobor became good friends. Under Kintobor's tutelage, Sonic developed his natural running abilities to an extraordinary degree. Using Kintobor's experimental, supersonic treadmill, Sonic trained every day to increase his speed until he broke the sound barrier!

Kintobor invented special red sneakers for Sonic to protect his feet from the intense heat generated by the friction on his soles. As a matter of fact, the first time Sonic ran at the speed of sound, his quills and body became blue-hot from the supersonic shock waves and from then on, Sonic remained permanently blue.


One fateful afternoon, Sonic was hanging out near the lab reading. When Kintobor suggested they have a snack, Sonic raided the lab refrigerator only to discover a single hard-boiled egg. "Peee-euugh!" said Sonic as he sniffed the rotten egg. He handed the egg to Kintobor who was carefully entering a series of complex commands into the ROCC. Unfortunately, no one is perfect, including Kintobor. When Kintobor entered a slight miscalculation, the ROCC began to spark. In just seconds, several astonishing things happened:
  • 1. The ROCC went bananas and zapped the Chaos Emeralds, Kintobor and the rotten egg in his hand...
  • The ROCC began to transfer some of the evil stored in the Chaos Emeralds over to Kintobor, changing him into the evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik...
  • Robotnik immediately took on the physical characteristics of an egg, and bloated to grotesque proportions and...
  • The ROCC exploded, scattering its golden rings throughout the zones.

That's how the formerly good Kintobor became the now hopelessly evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik, a megalomaniac who wants to control all of Mobius.


"I shall control Mobius forever!" Robotnik ranted.
"Oh Yeah? And how are you going to do that?" Sonic asked, cleverly fishing for Robotnik's plan.

"The Emeralds - it's all in the Emeralds! Now I am evil like them. Beautiful, symmetrical, and unstoppable! I shall launch them into space and they'll help me control the world and NO ONE will ever find the Gray Emerald. No one!" Robotnik said as he was nearly frothing at the mouth with delusions of grandeur.

All of the sudden Robotnik realized his mistake.

"YOU! NOW YOU KNOW MY PLAN- you little walking pincushion! "YOU SHALL BE DESTROYED!" With that threat, Robotnik lunged at Sonic.

But Sonic was too fast. He bolted out the back door to the lab and headed for the Green Zone to warn his friends as Robotnik's curses echoed behind him.

And that's the way it all started...