Dashing through the snow, Sonic the Hedgehog is captured by one of Robotnik’s Space Balloons and taken to a prison galaxy far away. Sonic will explore many exciting worlds while on his adventure home.


Long ago, there was an evil man named Ivo Robotnik. He spent his time building robots that built smoky factories that churned out more robots with one goal: To take over the world. Thank goodness for one courageous creature. Enter Sonic, a fast and furious little hedgehog intent on having fun in the sun. Through the use of his wits and speed, Sonic was able to defeat the evil Robotnik and stop his domination. With help from the creatures of the world, Sonic jettisoned Robotnik to a galaxy far, far away – Hoping the rotund recluse would start his life anew.

For years the world enjoyed peace. The air was clean and the creatures were safe. No more robots. No more terror. But one day, things changed. Creatures began disappearing from their homes without a trace. More and more dark shapes moved soundlessly through the night. A shadow engulfed the world and everyone knew something bad was about to happen...

Sonic, on vacation in the Ice Caps, is snowdashing back to the lodge. Taking turns and jumps at high speeds, the little blue hedgehog is a streak of swiftness. As Sonic drops down the final frozen run, he notices something strange. There is no bridge! “What the--?!” gasps Sonic as he skids, arching to a stop beside a crystal chasm. Sonic wipes his brown in relief.

Suddenly, a huge black spider-like shape rises from the ravine. Sonic leaps in panicked surprise as the scene fades to black...

...Sonic wakes up to find himself captured by this “Space Balloon,” a pod designed by Robotnik to trap life forms for future use. Sonic has been traveling millions of light-years in the Space Balloon returning to Robotnik’s massive Death Egg. Once Sonic realizes what’s going on, he spindashes the heck out of the pod’s computer panels, sending it hurtling toward the Jade Gully jungle planet...

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