Gamebook Introduction:

Peace reigned In Mobius following Robotnik's defeat in the Floating Island Adventure. For a long time the inhabitants enjoyed a tranquil existence. It seemed to most Mobites that Robotnik had packed his bags and left their world for a different place. Sonic, though, had a different opinion. For as long as he could remember Ivo Robotnik had a burning desire to control the power of the Chaos Emeralds. It seemed odd that he would ever lose interest in them...

Sonic wanted to get to the bottom of this mystery and sent a tall to the floating island for Knuckles. Once together, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles formulated a search plan. Deciding to meet back at Knothole with any news of Robotnik's whereabouts Knuckles & Tails took off to the skies in the biplane while Sonic scorched across the land. That was the last Sonic saw of his friends...

Main Game Introduction:

Fly in a spiral Mobius Chronicles newspaper reading Knuckles and Tails Missing!" with pictures (Knuckles with determined look & hint of smile and Tails with his classic big smile) and fake text below. Cross-dissolve to a dim Scene of Robotnik's palace- A wacky observatory (shaped like his head) spreading pollution into the gray sky. The camera slowly zooms in to one of the eyeglass windows to reveal a dark and mechanical laboratory. Knuckles and Tails are trapped in a cage stationed against the circular Interior wall.

Dr. Robotnik stands facing the Master Chaos Emerald in the center of the room. All sorts of robotic arm contraptions are drilling and zapping the huge gemstones trying to tap its mysterious power. The flashes bottom-light Robotnik's face as he laughs like a triumphant maniac. After a few moments the Dr. notices something strange. Leaning closer, he looks curiously disturbed as the Master Emerald glitters and clouds within. Suddenly the gem explodes in a flash of light, hurling Robotnik back against the wall next to Knuckles and Tails. The dark room is lit by rapid pulses of black light as the three stare in awe. Cut to the Master Emerald spilling out loads of foggy smoke. Cut to Knuckles and Tails looking curiously at each other.

Out of the gemstone and into the mist glide small flickering lights almost like fireflies. Cut to Robotnik sprawled on the floor, propping himself up, looking exalted and a bit frightened by the spectacle. Six tall shadows materialize and loom large over the Dr., Knuckles and Tails. Truck-in to Robotnik's sweating, shocked look as the shadows draw in and "smother" him.

Cut to a serene Knotvalley flourishing with green vegetation set in front of a classic blue sky with puffy, white clouds floating slowly by. Camera zooms out to reveal this as a reflection in Sonic's high-tec binoculars as he studies the scene from inside a Knothole tree. Sonic gets a start as a huge, dark cloudbank rockets across the sky in the distance. Lightning and a crackling thunder pierce the air.

Sonic zips out the door and spirals down the tree house trunk stairs to the ground as the storm blows closer. Sonic looks into the sky with a scowl before dashing down the hillside into the valley-. On course to meet the dark storm head-on. Sonic starts the game in Orange Grove Zone 0...

Overview and Climax:

Sonic must make his way through six awesome zones to rescue his friends (and Robotnik!) with the hooded Chaos Elementals (CE) in hot pursuit. They hope to capture and banish Sonic as soon as possible, for he represents the only threat to their domination.

Before each Zone's end Sonic must combat its Element Keeper, a mechanized Boss robot designed to destroy hedgehogs. Each time a Boss is defeated, the CE come closer to pinpointing Sonic's exact whereabouts. By the end Of Zone 5, the CE will be waiting for Sonic in Gordos, a huge robot city where Knuckles, Tails and Robotnik are held prisoner.

"Why don't they just surround Sonic and banish his blue buns?" you might ask? Well, CE cannot physically move fast enough to surround our hero. They will have tried unsuccessfully to trap him many times, and their only hope lies in jointly piloting the most deadly Chaos Mega-bot to combine their 6 Elemental powers.