Sonic the Hedgehog must try and make his date with Tiara while Dr. Robotnik tries his best to twist everything into a big mess!


Sonic has until sundown to make his date with Tiara, the beautiful Manx Kitten-Princess. Their choice of a romantic spot makes for an adventurous journey as obstacles and enemies of all sorts plague Sonic’s path. The longer it takes him, the darker it gets and the more miffed Tiara will be in the end… Regardless of how long Sonic’s trek lasts, he’s in for a BIG surprise in the end. Good luck, Blue Boy!!!

Sonic wants to meet up with Tiara for a date, though the distance between them presents a bit of a problem. Sonic hangs in his Knothole crib, while Manx-baby chills in her pop's Kingdom a thousand males away!!! Sonic's got to race into and over many secret hills and valleys to get to his love. Tiara waits calmly, but Cameo footage reveals her increasing impatience. The longer he takes, the more miffed she'll be when he arrives. Sonic figures a little necklace endowed with 7 certain Chaos emeralds would make a nifty gift to cheer her up. Unfortunately, via his Sneaky Spy Satellite (S3), egg-boy Robotnik gets wind of Sonic's chivalric endeavor and sets out to stop him.

Dr. Robotnik decides that it's a great time for his new SuperDooper MegaRay Cannon. Tested on impulse power, the Cannon beamed a secluded forest In Mobius, causing its trees to rip from the ground and float in various orientations in the sky. Filled with devilish glee after a few more successful experiments, Robotnik schemes a way to stop Sonic from stealing the Emeralds AND to trap him forever! Having developed a spring- switch device to control the rotation of the floating walkways, Dr. Robotnik plans a series of puzzles and then sets the Cannon to FULL power, zapping the entire planet! When the boom and flash of light fades, Mobius is transformed! Huge chunks of wood, plant, metal and even whole houses, cars, etc.-- All ripped up, floating angellically in various angles in the sky! What a trip!

So now, to complicate the distance/ time issue, Sonic has a warped "twisted" world to navigate through that's filled with Robotnik's badniks! And to think that all Sonic wants is a nice, quiet good old-fashioned date! It's going to be more than half the fun getting there...


  • Circus Theatre - The ultimate floating amusement park with the latest in party technology! Ferocious robots remain caged within huge, ornate boxcars. Colorful tent- like structures riddle the sky. All sorts of wacky carnival games jump out at every corner. Sonic must be careful not to get too caught up in the fun or he'll miss his date!
  • Gadget Mall - Imagine every appliance, computer, TV, VCR, stereo, washing machine, refrigerator-- Everything you've ever wanted (or not!) in one complete air sale taking up 200 cubic miles!!! Wowo—Look out Sears! Technology—Old and New! Best deals in town! All floating wonders will do something for or against Sonic, so watch out little buddy!
  • Mayan Tombs - Huge carved structures made from all sorts of wood populate the spacious, heavenly ruins of the Mayan Tombs. From ornate totem poles, to huge wood and iron gates, to ivy-covered walls of stone, this level proves dangerous in its maze-like system of tricky traps. Look out Indy, here comes Blue-belt Jones!!!
  • Blackjax - Las Vegas in the sky! Dark skies with red-lit carpet, twinkling and dazzling the eye for miles! Every known (and unknown) slot-machine and poker game erupts from the blackness. Card tricks and white magician gloves play this glittery paradise as an irresistible diversion for even the strongest of Hedgehogs.
  • Deepseas - Blue, viscous currents flow small plankton-like creatures through enormous Waterworlds. Mechanical sharks and fish school about the aqua plains in and among the huge, geometric corral reefs. Underwater Tech Farms dot the reef and lava beds dangling motionless in the deep, blue ocean. Check your air gauge Sonic!
  • Madtraffic - The worst parts of Los Angeles, New York City and even the Bay Area seem to have been transplanted into one, huge metropolis of winding freeways. Thousands of tons of concrete and metal intertwine in the sky, making a twisted, woven mesh of roadways and building pit stops. Don't get hit by the cabs, and don't get mugged Blue Boy!
  • Inferno - A gaseous atmosphere booms with explosions as large chunks of cooled lava riddle the sky. The nastiest metal byproducts co-exist in this hellish version of a bizarre, semi-inhabitable sun. Spike plates and robotic deathtraps lurk behind every slab of iron. Lava light and siren lights illuminate this otherwise dim scene of pain. Good luck making your date now, dude!

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